About me

Mid 40’s, resident of Norfolk. Originally from Weymouth, and have arrived in Norfolk via Plymouth, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Oxford and Newcastle/Gateshead. If you’ve come here looking for a blog, well when you’ve not posted anything in a few years, it’s probably time to admit you’re not going to pick it up again. I might try some longer format articles in the future.

Social media presence is primarily Twitter but be warned, it is pretty much exclusively about work.  If you’re interested in what I do then you can also connect on LinkedIn.  You might find me on Facebook if you’re friends with someone who knows me.  I can be found on Skype with the user ID “drdanielswan”.

Currently I’m Head of  Platforms and Pipelines  at the Earlham Institute in Norwich.  Previously I’ve worked in industry running a next-generation sequencing bioinformatics team at Oxford Gene Technology, run a bioinformatics core facility at Newcastle University and been a bioinformatician at large for NERC and QMUL. If you want a summary of my professional life then please see metagenom.es.

In my spare time I am normally found contemplating the countryside on my doorstep, stroking our two cats, getting to grips with machine learning or gaming.  I’m currently on a bit of a keeping fit binge, running around 20km a week, doing cardio workouts, swimming and playing badminton.

I write at least one novel a year in an attempt to learn how to write.  These are generally written during National Novel Writing Month.  One day I will go back and re-draft my work and attempt to get it published.  I read a lot of sci-fi and I’m always on the lookout for great films to watch having exhausted pretty much every ‘top 100’ list published on the topic.